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April 22, 2022

Dear Newfield Community,

We have many exciting things happening at Newfield! For example, Nature’s Classroom visited

our fifth graders, spending two days outside in engaging hands-on environmental lessons. Students

in Grades 3-5 are preparing for state SBAC testing that will begin in the upcoming weeks. Familiar

songs, played by our band students, are echoing down the hall. Children and teachers are eager to

invite us to classrooms to share about their special projects and activities. We will start to share

some of these on our homepage, so be on the lookout. Newfield is all in “Bloom” this spring!

I would like to bring to your attention that, as in the past, the school climate survey will be available

beginning on Monday. You can expect to receive further information throughout the next two weeks. We ask that you take a few minutes to complete this survey, as it will help us celebrate our successes and work together to accomplish our goals. Your input is valued and appreciated. 

As a reminder for those families who received invitations to summer school, please be sure to register in your Parent Portal.

Positive Cases: 2

As a follow-up to Dr. Lucero’s weekly newsletter:

Five-Year District Strategic Plan

We are well on our way to preparing to engage the community as we update our Five-Year District Strategic Plan. Please stay tuned for an invitation to participate in one of the various community sessions. The goal is to collect feedback as we look back over the past five years and look forward to identifying Pillars of Success, which may include ideas such as cultures of inclusion, operational excellence, strong curriculum, community focus, and student centeredness. Please plan to share your voice as we develop our new Five-Year District Strategic Plan.

Master Facilities Plan (MFP)

We are excited to announce that the draft Master Facilities Plan will be released next week and will be available for review on the Long-Term Facilities webpage. The MFP contains information about District Vision, Study Purpose, SPS Demographics and Enrollment Projections, Existing Facilities Condition Assessment Summary, Elementary Schools (K-5 and K-8), Middle Schools, High Schools, Other Facilities, Implementation Schedule, as well as a recommended plan for Capital Funding Forecast.

As you may recall, the MFP is part of the work of the Long-term Facilities (LTF) Committee, which is composed of members of the Board of Education, Board of Finance, Board of Representatives, Stamford State Delegation, as well as SPS administrators, teachers, staff and Stamford community members. Please join us for the next LTF meeting scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, 2022.

“We Are One Here At Newfield”

As always, thank you for your support,

Sharon Longo

Proud Principal

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